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Data analysis, Machine learning (ML) and all its variants and avatars like AI, neural networks, RPA etc have taken the world by storm. Businesses are coming up with creative, innovative products which have these at the heart of the solutions. More now, than ever there is an increasing need for everybody to adapt to the changing scenes.


Keeping that as the focus, this webinar by corporate trainer Aditya Prabhakar will take the participants through a logical string of arguments leading to an intuitive understanding of how ML works. The webinar will start off with an introduction and a definition to ML. The goal of the next section is to provide an intuitive way to understand how ML works and what it means to say "machine learns". Post this, the participants will be taken through a demo of a machine learning program. The field of machine learning is a very vast one. Combine that with an ever changing technology landscape and that brings us to a cauldron of tools and technologies to deal with. So the last part of the webinar will focus on the technology stack and the route one has to take to make the learning curve smoother.


This is expected to be a good introduction to someone wanting to start off on ML. Duration: One Hour



1. What is ML?

2. An intuitive way to understand how ML works

3. Demo of ML

4. Technology Stack

5. Learning Road map

How to join the webinar:


Use Dial-in number (IN): 0172 519 9074 and Access code: 897312# to join


Vasant Shetty